Higher education, in and out itself, dramatically reduces the rate of unemployment and underemployment. Yet, a degree is not a ticket that automatically provides a job. However, in today’s competitive economy, it is crucial that students make an internship a top priority. You’d be happy to know that 75 percent of the 21 million postgraduate students have at least one internship to their credit. That’s 15.75 million internships, folks! Well,the internships have truly become ‘the new interview,’ in the job.


It has its own downsides too, I have actively done a number of internships, let it be work from home, part time or full-time. But i believe there are a few common challenges which is faced by every Intern. Being categorised as temporary, unpaid/underpaid and in a race to gain experience is the best to describe them.

Some of the most frequently and ordinary problems are:


1)Your work is not used.

Your boss gives you a project that you finally feel will make use of your college education. But it ends up never being published, getting lost on their desk, or, whoops – there was a miscommunication between the senior staff and your project is now unnecessary. It is not only makes you less motivated for projects in the future but also frustrates you because of your seemingly wasted time and effort.


What to do: Publish your written work online instead! Try not to look at it as wasted time and effort. Instead see it as a resume or an experience booster. Keep a list of the tasks and projects you’ve accomplished during your time as an intern. Writing them down will help you remember what experiences you’ve had and give you the sense of completion you need to push on.


2)Too less work

There’s not enough work assigned to you,which would keep you entertained from 9 to 6 and turn the world upside down with your skills. From being extremely bored of all the social media handles, listening to all the latest songs, drumming your fingers over the desk to feeling underutilized and the inability to do anything in life. Are you attacked by any of these symptoms? Bad news- less work!


What to do: Ask your seniors if they need help with the current work they’re doing. But this tactic wouldn’t last long since you yourself would feel embarrassed after repeatedly saying you don’t have work. The best long term strategy is to create work for yourself. Undertake any kind of research that interests you and contact newspapers, online portals to publish them. Once you see them talking about your work, try to see where you fit in.


3) Not getting any guidance

Not hearing a word of either a positive or a negative feedback of the work you’ve submitted leaves us doubt our own self confidence at times. It’s true that the interns aren’t aware of the actual work. It seems like visiting the doctor and coming empty handed,without any prescription.


What to do: Appropriate communication mode with your boss so that they understand your motive would make it simpler for both of us. Inclusive of the things you want to learn and that you want to achieve in the coming future. So he knows in what aspect to teach and guide you. If you’re confused about how you should accomplish your tasks, always ask. Never be afraid to ask questions! Your boss probably thinks that you already know what to do and that his/her instructions were clear enough.


4) Change in Lifestyle

Transformation from getting up at 9 and barely attending a few lectures to working from 9 to 6 constantly sitting on a desk. If you’re a recent graduate, well, the struggle is real! It would take time to let this new lifestyle sink in yourself and moreover be happy with it.


What to do: Do not make your schedule monotonous by ‘get up, eat, work, sleep, repeat’. It’s a TRAP. I repeat it’s a trap. Indulge yourself in adventurous activities. Continue with one of your habit, it could be singing, dancing, sports etc. This will divert your mind into something that interests you and guess what? You wouldn’t get bored too.


5) Doing mindless work

With work comes responsibility and hence getting your hands on some real work takes efforts and you have to deal with the grunt passage before being capable of handling bigger stuff.
What to do: First try to do your best with the tasks given to you at work. You have to hustle and prove your worth then hopefully, your boss will trust you enough to give you meatier roles.Try to find value in the work that is presented in you and if it doesn’t work, create opportunities for yourself.


Those butterflies in the stomach you get moving away from your better half of the family,imagining the state of being miles away from what’s comfortable and familiar, those constant questions pooping in your mind hoping everything would be fine and the endless amount of excitement to meet your brother,studying overseas and spend golden moments with him.

These are the mainstream and usual thoughts one has before travelling abroad and leaving the country which we call home for the first time.So,here’s a few words of advice and warnings from the ones who have experienced all the fear,joy,confusion,and elation that we travelers blindly seek.


Warning 1: The whole time difference is fucked up and really messes up with our constant messages and emergency calls at 2am.Make sure you keep us updated with your plan and pictures (we don’t ask for more :P) and not forget us amidst the beautiful alleys of Paris, Switzerland or US -_-

Warning 2:We do not appreciate waking up to your fancy, fresh cappuccino or the jain exotic dishes on Snapchat while we have our mediocre coffee without any fancy design or foam.

Warning 3: We will mostly be boycotting your instagram posts by multiple sassy comments since you would be in another country with all sorts of artistic and sexbomb pictures to throw on our face while my posts of exploring some restaurant or drunk night scenes with my friends would have no competition.

Warning 4:Don’t you dare think that we wouldn’t notice you replacing us with the friends you make there.Post pictures of yourself rather than with everyone, we’d be less jealous!

Are we bitter? Just 0.05% 😉

We solemnly refuse to not be jealous of the fabulousness that your life would be for the next one month or let you ignore any Skype requests.

And yes,we’ll try missing you!



Your forgotten Jealous (not bitter) BFF


On the occasion of World Laughter Day, let me take you through the exciting and joyous journey of the comedy industry!

India has come a long way in the field of comedy. It has evolved drastically and has created its own mark. The iconic tv shows from Sarabhai vs sarabhai, Khichdi, Hum Paanch, Office Office, Shriman Shrimati would always remain evergreen for every Indian.

Later, The Comedy Circus and The Great Indian Laughter Challenge emerged as the reality stand up comedy shows. With time, it made place for themselves in the entertainment industry.The Kapil Sharma Show,was soon the program for families in every house on weekends.The people connected with the show which earned him immense fame.

But i believe the new era of comedy puts the internet to good use. Though it comes with a baggage of controversies, it carries a sense of truth. It fiercely talks about taboos,intolerance and insensitive cases.At times, it feels like a slap on the face.The bold and frank facts raises issues that the indian society shuns and shies away.


AIB has been maintaining their creative as well as hard-hitting content on which videos like,’Net Neutrality, Demonetisation Circus,A Women’s Besties,Rape- It’s not your fault’ have been made, tapping the most sensitive issues and executing in the most hilarious and sarcastic way. Girlyapa’s powerful messages are being resonated with the masses having videos named,’Ab ki baar HR,Are you kidding me?,Drunk dialing girls. East India Company had a series named ‘EIC Outrage’ which highlighted issues related to homosexuality, feminism, animal abuse, student suicide, war, and islamophobia.

Individual comedy artists have also been growing tremendously and using their social media handles to address various problems. Tanmay Bhatt often uses his Snapchat account to discuss feminism, workplace or gender based differences. Female artists like Mallika Dua,Kaneez Surka, Aditi Mithal have been proven to be strong contenders in the male dominated industry. 

Ab Delhi dur nahi

Mumbai to Delhi in just 12 hours.

Yes, you heard that right!

The Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways,’Nitin Gadkari’ has announced about the new Delhi-Mumbai Expressway and we can’t keep calm already. The new highway would cut down the travel time by almost half,from the current 24 hour travel time by road and also reducing the distance from 1450 km to 1250 km approximately.The entire project is expected to be completed in four phases and the construction for the first phase has already taken off. Once the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway gets completed, one can travel between the two cities even lesser time than the trains. Rajdhani Express, at present, takes 16 hours to go from Delhi to Mumbai and vice versa.

With an investment of Rs 1 trillion,this new project will stretch across states covering two of the country’s most backward districts, Mewat in Haryana and Dahod in Gujarat. The whole route will be: Delhi-Gurgaon-Mewat-Kota-Ratlam-Godhra-Vadora-Surat-Dahisar-Mumbai.This is one of the prime reasons where one would save a lot of time. Since the travelers will have to pass through regions having low population, there will be less traffic and they will be able to maintain a constant speed on their vehicles leading to attain speeds of over 120 kmph. This entire project will bring development to the undeveloped regions and hinterland in Rajasthan, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh to spur growth. Some backward areas will also shine like Gurugram. Industrial and commercial development will generate jobs.This suggests that the upcoming Delhi-Mumbai Super Expressway will have a high-quality tarmac.

Mehendiwallas applying henna at astonishing speed,buying reasonably priced kurtis and salwar kameez at Lajpat Nagar or visiting Sarojini Nagar to get cheap designer clothes from reputable brands is a ritual for every shopaholic who doesn’t want to burn a hole in her pocket. Bazaars having fabrics to huge range of electronics,along the narrow alleyways is truly an adventure at Chandni Chowk for avid buyers. Let it be cravings for Dolma Aunty Momos or Chole Bhature at Paranthe waali gali or Chicken rolls ,im sure food lovers are all going gaga over this news already! Visitors/ travellers can enjoy all this without any second thought.

However,on 17th April,The Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has stated that the land acquisition for the new Delhi-Mumbai express highway will cost Rs 16,000 crore to Rs 20,000 crore less.This reduction of about 70-80 lakh per hectare would result in reduction of the logistics cost and will develop the socially backward areas in an even better way.The government also has plans to build Chambal expressway that would be connected to the Delhi-Mumbai expressway and will benefit neighbouring states.

This is indeed an ambitious project and we really hope that the government also keeps safety as a prime priority in mind while pulling off the project. Let’s hope by 2021 we all would be enjoying this facility inaugurated by our prime minister.yamuna-expressway_650x400_71433166588


Eating puppies and drinking snake wine might be considered cruel, but what’s your moral stance on drinking kopi luwak?


Kopi luwak, also known as civet coffee, is the world’s priciest coffee and is nothing more than a gimmick that exploits the dietary habits of this cat-like animal.The drink is brewed from beans swallowed and excreted by civets, small mammals that look something like a cross between cats and weasels. Further,they’re washed, roasted and made it edible for human consumption. That’s not even the most pressing reason to avoid the boutique coffee, but selling it as much as $100 per cup in London or New York is absolutely not worth it.


The main factor of it’s high price is the uncommon method of producing such a coffee.For those who haven’t had the chance to indulge in this treat, worry not there maybe some value in the crap to come.


Danau Ginrang Field Centre (DGFC) researcher Meg Evans said having spent quite a number of years observing and studying the civets, she found no proof of the so called goodness in kopi luwak by many coffee lovers and marketers claiming that this type of coffee has a unique flavour due to the animal’s digestive tract which is lower in caffeine and higher in acidity than regular coffee.

Suwanna Gauntlett, founder of Wildlife Alliance, a conservation group working with forestry officials in Cambodia to reduce poaching admits kopi luwak is fueling a rush to capture more and more wild civets from their native Asian habitat. Civets unlucky enough to fall into hunters’ hands are shoved into tiny cages where,they’re basically force-fed coffee berries. The process amounts to torture and the suffering doesn’t end.

Researchers from Oxford University’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit and the London-based nonprofit World Animal Protection assessed the living conditions of nearly 50 wild civets held in cages at 16 plantations on Bali. The results, published Thursday in the journal Animal Welfare, paint a grim picture.

From the size and sanitation of the cages to the ability of their occupants to act like normal civets, every plantation the researchers visited failed basic animal welfare requirements.

Civets aren’t endangered for now. But the kopi luwak industry is fueling so much civet poaching that wildlife advocates fear they’ll become rare.Our country has also set on a similar journey.

India, Asia’s third-largest producer and exporter of coffee, has started producing them on a small scale in Coorg, Karnataka. 40% of their district covered by forests and having nearly 2,20,000 acres of coffee plantations encourages them to initiate with this

The drink appeals to a certain customer who seeks costly wildlife items endowed with bogus powers: tiger penis to increase virility, shark fin soup to ward off cancer, rhino horn to prevent a hangover.

My advice to all of you, would be to, avoid the use of this cruelly produced product.




Road accidents in India have earned a suspicious distinction. With over 1,30,000 deaths annually, it has already beaten China in this record and chasing towards the worst road accident rate worldwide.Every hour it accounts for 17 deaths. And you wouldn’t be surprised in half of these accidents,the youth of our country around 14-35 years of age are the victims.Having an advantage of being a young country, is this how are we going to channelise our energy?

Image result for tyre killers

Well, tyre killers were installed in the beginning of the month of March near the Amanora township area considering the amount of traffic violations. It has spikes on the other side, so a person riding from the wrong side would get its tyre flat. It received immense support from the public stating it is a really good initiative. However, within a month the police issued a notice to the Amanora Township head to remove it stating fatal.

I feel this is the right way to curb violations after what happened with the vandalism on the Tejas Express train. India’s first high speed train which was supposed to ply between Mumbai and Goa,compelled the railway authorities to withdraw the entertainment facilities. Every time we take one step forward towards progress, we shoot ourselves in the toes and fall 10 steps back.

Yes, there should be modifications made in the mechanism to make sure the tyre does not burst but merely gets punctured to avoid any deaths or injuries. It should be studied in detail by experts, tried and tested. Cops cannot be everywhere, everytime to keep a check on the people. This device would complete this need as well. Also, they should be installed where there are proper footpaths, failing to do so would lead to hinderance for the common people or cases of emergencies.

I vote for tyre killers and you?